Awards and Honors

  1. Greater L.A. Press Club, political commentary

  2. Columbia University J-School's Alfred I. duPont Award, Best General Investigative Reporting. (The TV news equivalent of a Pulitzer)

  3. Humanitarian Award, L.A. Commission on Assaults Against Women International

  4. 1st place, Radio and Television News Directors Ass’n, Continuous News Coverage

  5. Founders Award, La Cañada PTA

  6. 1st Place, News Series,
    Western Region,
    (Radio and Television News Directors’ Association)

  7. Two Emmy nominations for L.A. spot news Greater L.A. Press Club best feature series

  8. Hearst Newspapers Award for In-Depth Reporting

  9. 1st place, (won this twice) Western Assoc. of Chamber Executives (11 states), newsletters

  10. American College Public Relations Association, Outstanding Writing

  11. Copley Ring of Truth Award; Best Feature Writing

  12. John Swett Education Writing Certificate of Commendation

  13. Society of Professional Journalists National Collegiate Sportswriting Award

  14. USC Dean of Women’s Tribute.

  1. Life Since Leaving the Herald Examiner . . .


  1. As you might remember, upon leaving the Herald Examiner, I went to KNXT (now KCBS) and produced investigations for the Investigations Unit for a couple of years.  While there, Evening  News anchor Terry Murphy (you might also remember her from Hard Copy), introduced me to a New York man and after a cross-country romance of almost a year, he and I took an amazing trip down the Nile on a French train.

  2. We decided to marry, but getting a transfer to WCBS did not appear promising.  TV Guide editors, however, told me that they would try to find a place for me in the New York bureau if I worked for the L.A. bureau for six months and did a major investigative story for them, while there.

  3. So, that is what I did.  [The investigation was about the sale of drugs on the set of a popular teenage-oriented TV show.  Shortly before the issue went to press, one of my deep throat sources got slipped some acid poison and ended up in the hospital with a tracheotomy.  I felt awful about that, but he should not have been telling everyone that he was talking to TV Guide! ]

  4. I got married,  moved to New York, and several days later, before I could even unpack, I ended up being interviewed by Jane Pauley on the Today Show.  In New York, I wrote a weekly TV Guide column covering network news, the soaps, and technological advancements in TV.

  5. While there, I also wrote feature stories.  After several years, though, Scott and I moved back to Southern California.  I was now about four months pregnant and almost showing, but Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN), hired me right away and I became their public affairs director. I remained there for about five years.

  6. Since then, I've:

  7. • Been PR director for Art Center College of Design, a way-too-cool campus that also graduates more than 50 percent of the world's car designers.

  8. • Run my own little PR business.  Been divorced, and then, while being a single mom, served as director of my hometown Chamber of Commerce, and written for various publications.

  9. • Written a weekend Page 1 column for the regional newspaper in our area owned by the L.A. Times (The Foothill Leader)  (1999-2001). 

  10. Lately, I've been doing some long-range writing projects and serving as a location and production stills photographer for a political consulting firm specializing in making TV commercials for  Democratic candidates and nonprofit causes.  It also happens that this company is owned and run by Ken Swope, my beau of the past six-and-a-half  years.

  11. Ken and I have been living at his place on a small island near Boston for six months a year  (See the FB album of Massachusetts winter scenes.) and in Malibu or La Cañada the rest of the year.  Both the Boston and Malibu places are right on the water.   In Boston our view is of several  lighthouses, ocean liner traffic into the Boston Harbor,  and some far away islands,  We are on a cove, and in the morning we see the sun rise behind Bailey’s Point, a nature preserve and rocky promontory that juts out just to the east of us.   In the evening, beyond the harbor waves, a fiery sunset sky surrounds the Boston skyline.
  12. In Malibu  Catalina Island sleeps on the horizon beyond the mist.  Closer in, whales are arcing and pelicans are soaring and doing 70-foot jack-knife dives.  Closer to shore,  just beyond our deck,  dolphins are jumping.  A family of about 18 seals lives on a rock about 200 yards out, and the sun sets in a blaze of color just behind Point Dume (above in photos).  And when the tide is very high we down to see fish swimming below us in the waves.  

  13. Ken just finished his seventh ad campaign for Joe Kennedy (Bobby's eldest son).  Joe, as you might know, runs Citizens' Energy,  a company that provides low-cost, or free oil to the working poor.) 

  14. I just completed a media and activist campaign to save Malibu Lagoon from being bulldozed by the state.  I created, wrote, and designed a website, served as a media consultant.  I’ve also been working on some long-range writing writing projects that require lots of research.  Luckily, writing is something that can be done anywhere as long as you have a laptop or a piece of paper and a pen. 

  15. The life might sound idyllic, but it is sometimes difficult dividing our time between  Massachusetts and California.  My son, Derek lives in Pacific Palisades with his girlfriend, Jenna Goedtke, whom he met in Cannes during his junior year abroad.  Of course I miss them a lot when I am not there.  I also miss my California friends.  But the snow and the quaintness of New England is lovely and it's enjoyable to experience such different lifestyles and locations. 

  16. *Update:  After graduation Derek went right to work for ParticipantMedia, the coolest production company on the planet.  He is a director of short cause-related films or the Internet about upcoming Participant movie releases.  Check out   Participant's movies include " An Inconvenient Truth," "Charlie Wilson's War," "The Soloist," “Food, Inc.,” “The Cove,” and many more.  Jenna is an advertising executive in charge of international production and distribution of movie theater advertising promotional products for the largest such company in the world.